Monday, November 4, 2013

November 2, 2013 - Provo MTC

Alright, here's the lowdown this week.

We got into the swing of classes hard core this week it's been really fun learning more and more Tagalog. 

This week, I have become especially grateful for a few things:

1. I am grateful for my respect toward womanhood. Let's just say a few of the Elders in my district have some highly questionable views when it comes to what girls are for and how they should be treated. They talk about their craziest makeouts and who the hottest girls are, and I'm like "Yeah, um... I... Don't do that?" The good thing is that they know why they are here and keep things in line. So I'm not worried about them. All guys have made mistakes when it comes to girls. It has just made me grateful to know that I respect women. 

2. I'm grateful for the language of Tagalog. The Spanish words and Islander congegations are pretty difficult now, but EXTREMELY interesting. Most words are just super-congegated forms of simple roots. It's a very chaotic yet organized language. 

3. I'm grateful for the power of prayer. Prayers and their answers seem so clear here. 

So, heres some of the things that happened this week. 

Our Zone leaders came over for tie trades the other night. They are so cool! They help us out a ton and are just fun to be around. They leave for the feild on Monday(The Laoag Mission). My doTerra has come to the aid of some of the EldersElder Sefita was having trouble breathing at night so he used some of the peppermint and it really helped out. Oh, yeah, and then we discovered that one of the oils in Digest-Zen is called Anise... You can see where that went. 

Lots of poop jokes have emerged due to our diet here at the MTC. Tsokolate Rogers has taken on new meaning with the amount of times he has to go to the bathroom. The diet here is kind of hard to maintain, but I think I'm doing well. Everyone is farting pretty hard-core, though.

Let's see, I talked to Sister Miller some more, and I met a sister in our Zone that is way into the Beatles, and I ran into Elder Moe, which was awesome. 

Oh, whenever we walk now, Elder Sefita will start singing - "Eeeyooh, itsa Dayyy-o" and then the rest of us will join in parts singing "Daylight comin and I wanna go home." We've got Branch presidents to sing along with us, so you could say the reception is pretty good. 

I love the sisters in our District. They are awesome to talk to! I feel like conversations with the Elders can get a little inappropriate sometimes (considering we're all 18-year-old boys) but the sisters are just so mature and clear in whom they represent. 

But here's the big thing. Faith. Faith in Christ is so essential. Everything else follows it. It's incredible to be able to be a representative of Him. 

I'll try to get pictures up next week. I'm so excited to be a tool in the Lords hands in the Philippines.


-Elder Kocherhans


I talked to a Philippino Elder from Baguio, he was so awesome! I explained to him that MTC food was not truly American food, and that real American good is actually pretty good. He said I was pretty good at Tagalog and that he thinks I'll be fluent in about two months. So, talk about awesome stuff going on.

Oh, our teacher is now the person that played our first investigator. His name is Brother Soderquist and he is so cool. I love it when he teaches. 

Oh, and I saw sister  Kylie Bingham in the MTC today! 

We now have a ritual at night where I lull everyone to sleep with a ukelele, and I've been told by my district that they would like my signature before I get famous. haha, I'm so grateful for my musicality. I hope I will be able to use it in this work and not just for putting Elders to sleep.

Oh, and Mom, what do you want to do about an email list? Or a blog? Or just facebook or something? Several people have been asking about that. Maybe just go onto my facebook and post stuff from my emails on there. 

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