Saturday, November 9, 2013

November 9, 2013 Provo MTC


Hey everyone! 

Concerning the Ukulele, Elder Sefita's uncle gave it to him and he brought it in. I'm sure they knew it wasn't allowed, but I think it's just unethical to take a Uke from a Samoan. Speaking of which, all of the Samoans get together at night and hang out. It is hilarious. They speak Samoan to each other. Literally, after every single thing they say, they laugh like it's the funniest joke they had ever heard. They're funny guys, those Samoans. 

Ok, so last Saturday, after I wrote the letter, me and Elder Rogers and Elder Peterson were called into a meeting. Guess who the new Zone leaders are? Yep. Elder Makenzie told the Branch President that he thought I would do a good job as Zone leader after he left, so they called our companionship for the job. It's really fun, Elder Rogers does a great job at befriending everyone and Elder Peterson is awesome and making sure the details are clear. It's weird only being here a few weeks and being called as Zone Leaders, but it's really fun. 

Elder Makenzie, Elder Topham, and most of the older districts left for the field on Monday. The only older district still here consists of Elder Denning, Lesa, Neville, Kelley, and a whole lot of sisters which include the one that's a Beatles fan. All of them are so cool. Elder Denning is a total surfer dude. He was inactive his whole life but cleaned up and came on a mission. His presence is awesome. He has bestowed his Nerf gun to me after he leaves. I earned it by letting him shoot me in the face. 

Two new districts entered our Zone on Wednesday. We got a few Canadians, another Samoan (YES!), and a lot of Americans. They are really strong in the language already, it's awesome! They thought that me and my companions were 19 or 20. The MTC does things to you!

Ok, so I'm in the mailroom, and I see this Elder. We start staring at each other squinting, and then it hits us. "Nate Hunter?! You went to Foothill! What the?!" So yeah, we talked for a while and mentioned that Trey Madson will be coming to the MTC soon. Pretty funny stuff. I also ran into Parker Phair and Chris Bressau. Chris is one of Kennen's really good friends. He went to Foothill but we were always in different classes. He's a musician, I hope we can get together in a few years!

We were in class and Sister Shaw farted. Immediately after which, she pointed at Elder McCausland even though everyone knew it was her. It was really funny haha. Then she showed us some of her opera singing. After she finished a manganda kanta parte, I asked her immediately "Do you know the Hoskins?" She goes, "Jonah and Heidi! Yes, we take from the same teacher!" So there you go. It's a small operatic world after all. 

Elder Moe is in the room just below us. So that's pretty awesome. I haven't had time to talk a whole lot yet but I try to any time I get the chance. Tell the Parry family thank you for the package they sent! My munchies shall be satisfied. 

It has become an art not becoming bored of the food here. Most of it is fake, so it's just a game of finding the least fake thing being made at that time. Pfft. I'm excited to get to the field where I can make my own stuff. Speaking of which, send me some curry recipes I can mess with.

I saw Elder Fiso on Wednesday! He looked so excited to be there. And I see Bishop Call mentioned I saw him haha that was awesome! He's going to Tahiti? Or Fiji? One of those, right?

We taught a lesson to a new "investigator" the other day and we decided we would just teach the first lesson like we had before with minimal planning ahead of time. Ha. Guess where the Spirit went? DOON-DOON(FAR AWAY). So basically, the language didn't come out and we didn't teach anything because we were just three 18 year old kids trying to talk about Jesus and Joseph Smith. Nothing gets taught when that happens. So it's a big goal for us now to always plan and teach by the Spirit, and to be worthy of it's presence. 

Elder McCausland has really gotten on my nerves lately. I'm trying to love him. He began getting sick the beginning of this week, so we gave him a blessing. I blessed that he would be healed in accordance with his faith. That night, he coughed really bad and exclaimed "Geez guys, that blessing was bunk. I'm still sick." I really had to hold back saying "SHIOEF:OSJMND:FNSD:ONF:SDOFSDNFOSDNF:OSDFMOIDMF:OSDNFONSDOFNSDOFMOSDMFODN." And I did. But he says stuff like that a lot. Oh well. Patience. Charity. That oughta do it.

Alright, that's the weekly report. Love one another as Jesus loves you, try to show kindness in all that you do, be gentle and loving in deed AND in thought, for these are the things Jesus taught.

-Elder Kocherhans

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