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August 3, 2015-- Email #92

August 3, 2015 

Introduction-- by Teresa
On one of our family vacations to Jackson Hole Wyoming, September 2012...we stayed at a Condo for several days.  At the end of the stay, we noticed Jordan writing in the "visitors log" they had on the table for people to record their vacation experience.  Knowing his gift, we knew it was going to be good... When we read what he had written, we found a recap of our family vacation written in scriptural language that was both incredible & hysterical.  I mentioned to him this week that if he ever wanted to write one of his mission emails in his scriptural language style, it would be kind of fun to see if he's still got it...  I'm glad he took the request... 
He's still got it. :-)

Written by the hand of Kocherhans
Tapped upon tiles of plastic
And transmitted through the gift of God 
to the Great Inter of Net

Now it came to pass in the commencement of the ninety and second week of the ministry of Kocherhans, who was called Elder, having been ordained unto the office of his ministry, and having received power and authority to administer thereby; therefore in the ninety and second week of his ministry to the people of Luzon, in the northern parts of the Island nation, which was well noted for the many tongues which were spoken by the people thereof;
2 Yea, it was heard in one place, We speak the language of the Iloko, according to the traditions of our fathers. And in another place, it was heard, Yea, we speak the language of Ybanag, for there was much corn and rice in abundance in the land. And in another place, Gaddang; and again, in another, Itawis;
3 And it was the cause of much confusion among those who attempted to commune one with another, because of the great diversity of their tongues;
4 Nevertheless, after much tribulation and diligence, and according to the gifts of God, namely the speaking in various tongues and the interpretation thereof, this Elder Kocherhans was able to preach the gospel to the inhabitants of this land, in a tongue which was known as Tagalog.
5 And he was found in the land of Echague, by the borders of that great city of Santiago, which was the southernmost part of the land of Isabela. And he found that the people were called Yogad, according to the language and the records in their possession. 
6 And it came to pass that in the latter end of the seventh month, in the ninety and second week of his ministry, many of the hearts of the children of men in that land had grown hard, and their necks had been stiffened against the latter-day work of the Lord
7 For behold, they had been taught by their fathers many things, and that they should die in the faith they had been brought up in. Now this was the cause of much good in the land, according to their faith in Christ, but also the cause of much wickedness, according to the false traditions of their fathers
8 But the Spirit of the Lord was with this Elder, who is called Kocherhans, and also with his brethren of the Church in that land, and they labored diligently in bringing souls unto the true and living God, even in the heat of the day, yea, the sun did scorch with such fervent heat in that part of the land that it was heard by the inhabitants to say, Gani ra pa balada, mappato sawe, which is, being interpreted, Oh what indeed can this be, the heat today?. 
9 Nevertheless they did press forward, in the Hellish heat, and even in the tempest and the strong rains, both near and far, declaring the words of Christ unto the inhabitants of this land. And they did see many fruits from their labors, insomuch as they did continue with steadfastness in Christ.
10 And now behold, I must close this record soon, for the time comes that I must soon fly far above the earth, and over the oceans, to return to the lands of our fathers, but I exhort you to read these things, and ponder them in your hearts. And if there be mistakes they be the mistakes of men. Brethren, adeiu. 

Anyways, it was an exceptionally great week and was one worthy of scriptural language. I hope you get a kick out of this email. Maybe next time I'll do it in Tagalog, although you wouldn't understand a lick of it. My scriptural Tagalog is pretty good though, voice and everything :) Thank you for all of your support. This work is just the best. I know this is the true Church, and I feel it deep within my heart more and more every day. It's such a nice feeling to know you're having a deeply spiritual experience every day that you can draw from for the rest of your life. What a great time! In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

-Elder Kocherhans

A few Pics of our Jackson/Yellowstone trip...September 2012
 Condo that contains the records of our people made in the days of our journeying in the wilderness...

 At least Jordan was consistently ruining every picture... on purpose.
We've missed that...:-/ 

Here's a good one :-)

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